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Thanks a million for nominating me. She is a good friend and has an awesome blog! Check it out!(:

The Rules:

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  1. If you had the chance to become the greatest person on earth, if it meant hurting someone else would you do it?  of course not.
  2. What’s your favorite movie to watch? I’m not sure.
  3. What would you rather do, watch TV, or read a book? read a book
  4. Have you ever been on a road trip before? If you have, how many times? I have but I can’t count.
  5. What do you want to accomplish in your life? become a doctor and pastor a church.
  6. Do you like writing English essay? yes.
  7. What would you want to do if you were bored? sleep.
  8. What’s your favorite actor or actress? AJ Michalka.
  9. What are you afraid of? Spiders.
  10. Have you ever felt like the world was ending? sometimes.
  11. If you had the chance too save hundreds of people, by sacrificing yourself would you do it? I will.

Questions for my nominees:

  1. Have you seen the blood moon? If you have, how many times?
  2. If the was a sun eclipse, what will you do?
  3. Have you ever visited the space center in Houston?
  4. Do you like travelling?
  5. What kind of transportation do you like using?
  6. Your age?
  7. If you had a chance to be the president, will you go for it? Why?
  8. What will you be when you grow up?
  9. Do you have a pet?
  10. What is your favorite animal?
  11. What country are you from?

My nominees:

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My Favorite Color

Colors are bring brightness to this world, they are so beautiful.

Out of red are the roses, and yellow the sun, green grows grasses, but there is the best one.

My favorite color is blue, it should be the best color for you, its best for the sky and ocean too.

Blue is there when I’m sad, it also makes me glad. It’s in the air, its everywhere.

Christmas Days

Christmas is an awesome time. It’s the time of fun, happiness, gifts, and food. But the main thing is celebrating Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrated on the twenty-fifth of December. Before then, decorations are everywhere. Ooh, the beautiful Christmas lights and fireworks in the night. Smell the delicious barbecue roasting outside. I’m sure of one this, It’s gonna be an awesome Christmas!!! Here is a preview of how I spent my last Christmas.

It all started with my family and I at home being fatten up with food. Next thing, we go crazy with decorations. We get into the car to do shopping. We buy ingredients for the pies and cakes and whatever. “Christmas is in the air,” yee-ha! We already have visitors at our doorstep. What we hear is “Merry Christmas.” The tree is up with the ornaments and lights. Aw, so colourful. Yum, the juicy meat is so great! Can’t wait for the presents?!

The night before Christmas, my parents sent us to bed real early. They did the finishing touches of the decorations and place our presents under the tree. The next morning we ran down to get our presents. I got a white Infinix phone. This year, I hope to get LEGO. After all the “Thank-you mom and dad,” we got ready for church. At church, we praised God, read the Bible, prayed, and cut the cake to celebrate Jesus. Then in the evening, there was a carol night. This year’s is way better. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

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Family Members

                             Families are amazing especially when you have siblings(not external family). You might be wondering how about my family, my family is HUGE!  I’ve got four brothers, and two sisters.  Awesome, right? My parents are the preachers of the Super Church. Their names are Reverend Walter & Reverend Gloria. They are perfect examples in my life(check out  their website here)  The only thing is that I’m going to talk about Kenneth and Terri. Moving on, let me start with Kenneth.

                                  Kenneth is a playful, nice, handsome brother. He is eight years old. He was born on Saturday(he said I should type this down). He loves riding his bike and sometimes gets rough, putting others into trouble. Also, his favorite instrument are the drums. He has his rehearsals and enjoys it , cool huh? In all, I’m glad he’s my brother, and I’m happy God placed him in my family. Next, I’ll talk about Terri.She is the family walkie-talkie. She’s four years old. She’s born on Tuesday. I taught her how to read. Her hobby is talking. She’s also interested in drums too, but we want her on the acoustic. The thing is we are together, one big family!

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                                  Before we start, ask yourself this question: Why is history important. If you’ve answered this, then you are ready. Based around the Tigris and Euphrates river valleys, the “Fertile Crescent” was the birthplace of civilization. Represented by modern day countries of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Syria, & Iran. That’s the Middle East. Before 500 A.D the Middle East saw the rise & fall of five different major empires: Babylon, Persia, Alexander the Great, Parthia, & Rome. The region was split between Roman & Persian rule by 500 AD. Rome controlled the known civilization & began declining(300 AD). By 500 AD, East Rome was all that was left. Byzantine Empire was in power almost a millennium.

                                 Following the decline of Rome, Islam emerged around 700 A.D. in the Middle East. Muslim caliphates or sultanates began spreading and eroding the Byzantine Empire. The old Persian Empire to the east was revived by the Kwarizm Shah, another Muslim group. The Crusaders from Europe were able to carve out a small coastal region, called the Crusader States in the Jewish and Christian Holy Land. The Muslims united with the Ottoman Empire, who overthrew the Byzantine Empire in 1453. The empire spread to parts of Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, and parts of Spain.

Well I guess that’s it for this week. The are some interesting artifact in the Middle East Middle East like The Dome of the Rock & The Church of the Holy Sepulcher. They are found in Jerusalem. See you on Friday for another day of hiss-story.

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What I Do On Summer Vacations

Summer vacations are the best holiday.  There are a lot of important and very fun things that you can do.  I swim in the cool water on a very hot and sunny day.  Or sometimes go out for some burgers and ice-creams.  But, the best thing I love during a summer vacation is traveling to America, with my family!

America, to me, is the best place to go to.  We attend meetings, especially homeschool conferences.  Then we go to buy goodies and nice new clothes.  Sometimes, we visit fun, amazing, and interesting places.  Last year, we went to the Houston Space Center, the Texas Christian University, and the Ballet Center of Fort Worth.

So, in my opinion, summer is the best time of the year.  I also look forward to my next summer vacation.  Can’t wait!!!


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